Intelligent Pumps Selection

ARC has been conducting research related to Intelligent Pump technology for over two decades.  Pumps have outgrown their traditional role as the mechanical workhorses of manufacturing with the addition of digital technology and have entered the process control domain.  Based on this research, ARC analysts have developed a comprehensive set of criteria to help you select the best intelligent pump solution available in the market.

Intelligent Pumps Overview

In their new role, Intelligent Pumps have the potential to improve process control, enable better management of their health, and assist plants in reducing total energy consumption.  The value proposition of intelligent pumps is high enough to be a process control game changer, yet overcoming the work culture in the process industries is proving to be the greatest challenge for suppliers as manufacturers and owner-operators drag their feet into incorporating pumps into their control schemes.

Selecting the correct intelligent pumps can be crucial to the operation of your operations.  Failure to utilize digital commands and information correctly can negatively impact production, operations efficiencies, and safe operation.

ARC has been researching the intelligent pumps market for over two decades and we know the issues:

  • Compatibility with current installed assets and operational technology
  • Breadth and depth of supplier’s applications and related operations solutions
  • Support, training, and spares
  • Understanding the total cost of ownership for OEMs and end users
  • Architecture integration based on standards
  • Integration with IIoT strategies and business systems
  • Designs for maximum reliability
  • Supplier long term viability
  • Identify long term visions

This ARC Selection Guide will help you select the best intelligent pump solution for the future.

Intelligent Pumps Selection Table of Contents

Executive Overview

  • Industry Trends
  • Regional Trends

Adoption Strategies

  • Strategies for Successful Adoption

Scope of Report Research

  • Key Issues Researched

Market Size and Forecast Definitions

Technology and Supplier Selection Criteria

  • Key Criteria Analysis
  • Fact-based Selection Process
  • Consider Best Practices by Suppliers
  • Selection Process Tools Available

Market Shares Analysis

Leading Suppliers

  • Top Suppliers by Geographic Regions
  • Top Suppliers by Intelligent Pump Type
  • Top Suppliers by Industry

Market Share Figures

Profiles of Leading Suppliers

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Representative End User Clients